Welcome to the Our Community Time Bank in South East Oxford.  The Time Bank started in Cowley and we now have some members in Rose Hill and Littlemore. If you live in these areas and are interested in joining, contact us and we will be in touch to help you to become a member and to find the opportunities and help you want.

Here is a brief Annual Report that shows what has been happening behind the scenes.

Coffee and chat – Our monthly meet-ups are on the move. From February 2016 instead of a monthly Friday slot at the Ark-T cafe, we will be meeting for a weekend cuppa at a member’s home. We will circulate the time/place to members beforehand, and if you are interested in joining you’re welcome to come along too

If you are not yet a member, have a look around the website and check out what other people are offering at hOurworld. If you need login details please contact us.

Once you join, you can swap your time and skills locally to…

  • Save money
  • Get things done
  • Meet people
  • Do more of what you like doing
  • Improve your skills
  • Help others
  • Have fun

Membership is free, and no money changes hands.

Our Community Time Bank is a registered charity (charity number 1156078).


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